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An outstanding group of six

POSTED BY Jacob Thilén December 20, 2019

Nomtu, Namsu, Fil, BengBang, Mzma, and Haze are the perfect example of what a group of people playing together as a team should look like.  

Where it all began

The six players met just a few months ago at an Overwatch GitGud tournament to which they signed up as solo players and were later on assigned together by what surely looks like fate.  

Originally the roster for the GitGud tournament only included Beng, Haze, Namsu, and Fil. But the boys were unhappy with the two tanks on their team and felt like something was missing, so they started looking for substitutes.  

That’s when they came across Nomtu and Mzma: two long-time friends who had already been playing together for more than seven years. 

With these two fresh additions, the group finally felt complete, but the GitGud tournament was still looking scary.  

In order to do well in the championship, this newly built team would have to defeat premade rosters, that had been training together for a long time to secure first place. 

“At first it was clearly daunting, these teams had coaches and other staff working for them so that they could win, while we were just starting to play together.” 

But as the six players began to know each other, the vibe started to change and they soon realized that winning the GitGud tournament wasn’t such an impossible thing to do.  

The team was looking strong, and despite the disadvantages, and surely defeating their own expectations, they managed to place third at the GitGud tournament. 

“We actually talked about this early in the tournament: why are we here? Are we doing this for fun or to become professionals? When we won third place our perspective changed: it really gave us the push we needed to try and go pro.” 

That’s how this group of strangers went on to become teammates and soon after, friends. 

Life as a team

Almost a month has gone by since then, and the players keep making steps forward towards a future in professional gaming. 

The first big step was joining High Coast eSports at the beginning of December.  

“Being with the Organization cemented us as a team. Before it was just seeing where the tournaments would take us. Now we have insight on what the future will hold” 

The team says that they are now more motivated than ever to get better at the game and become more professional.  

And while the road is still long and full of hardship, the members are doing their best to work with what they have. 

“Not having a coach is not easy, but we’re still doing our best at organizing scrims and training and educating ourselves. […] We want to be better at communicating with each other and build better combos that integrate well with our playstyle.” 

While they all agree that motivating themselves is not easy, they are still striving to become the best, and are setting important goals for the future. 

“We’re all Diamond players for the moment, but we are currently trying to climb the ladder to see how far we can go. We are aiming to be in Master by February, once exams are over.” 

Half of the team members are in fact still in university. 

“We’re doing okay for the moment, and even if things might get harder during the exam season, we’ll think about it when the time comes.”  

Most families are being supportive of the players’ decision to try to become professionals, but they are also aware that balancing their careers as students and as professional gamers is not easy. 

Namsu is soon going to pursue a degree in medicine, just like his teammate Nomtu, and his family is concerned that videogames might distract him too much from his studies, as they are also not entirely aware of his talent as a player. 

Other members have decided to drop out of university instead, to entirely focus on gaming. 

“My family is finally starting to understand that it’s not just a game, but something I could be making a living out of.” 

Also thanks to their supportive relatives and partners, these six players are being able to put their best efforts into building a future in professional gaming. 

It surely isn’t an easy task, but they have a strict schedule that they all try to stick to. 

“We usually do casual comp games and video reviews on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Wednesday we try to find other teams to do scrims with, and on Thursday we review the videos from the scrims. Fridays and Saturdays are usually reserved for tournaments, but we will make an effort to do scrims if we don’t have any. Sunday is our day off, so we sometimes play other games together to unwind, our favorite is Minecraft. Now that the holidays are around the corner, though, we have a more relaxed schedule, so that we can spend more time with our families.” 

While they keep looking for a coach to guide them, the boys are doing their best at covering that position.  

“Beng is the one who found out about High Coast eSports, while Fil is the one who is currently looking into tournaments we could join in the area. Nomtu and Mzma usually run the video reviews, but we’ve actually made a Google Doc recently, so everyone can join in.” 

Plans for the future

The next step will be joining and hopefully winning one of the Overwatch Open Division Tournaments, but before that, the members want to improve as a team. 

“Playing together has surely helped us improve as individual players, but coordination as a team is also critical: a well-coordinated team will always have an advantage in a game like Overwatch. But of course, there has to be a balance between the two things.” 

Meanwhile, as far as streaming is concerned, none of the players are regularly streaming for the moment. 

“None of us is streaming for the moment, but it could be an interesting experience. The feeling of being constantly observed and potentially criticized could be good to keep us on edge.” 

I was shocked to find out that the players have been working together for such a short time now: their playstyle is clean and coordinated and their movements precise and effective. 

I’m very excited to see what the future holds for these six talented boys and I can’t wait to see them in action at the upcoming Open Division Tournaments: I’m sure they won’t let us down!