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Well, as most of you probably already have seen on our social media a lot of stuff has been happening over the past month. Here is a short summary to keep you updated!

First of all, you will see some new designs coming up since we have a new Graphic Designer! We warmly welcome Plox Design to the High Coast family.

We also have a new streamer! We want to welcome Kindberg to our Streaming Team, Kindberg is a 27 year old Swedish streamer who mainly plays CS:GO. He is a close friend with Fr3lle and they will be a great duo together!

We also have FIFA player in the family! Welcome Rybalkoo – a new step in the esports world for us. Rybalkoo is a 20 year old Swedish FIFA player that will help us out into new waters.

Last but not least we have a new Video Editor! We want to welcome David Hamren – a great Video Editor that will help us achieve good quality clips and montages, so keep your eyes open!

We’ve also launched a Patreon page, feel free to support us to show your appreciation to our work. Every donation helps!